Beyond the Boundries

We are on the verge of redefining reality with the advancement of technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Hologram, etc.
Let’s go back in time and look at the concept of philosopher Plato’s view of reality, which is shown mainly through one of his most famous pieces of work - The Allegory of the Cave. According to him what we perceive is not reality; all it is, is a world of appearances. The real world is a place of ideas, which Plato names ‘The Realm of the Forms’.
We perceive our reality for what we can sense through 5 elements which are touch, smell, taste, hear and visible. And in contemporary world the virtual reality and reality is differed only because of the lack of cognition.
So what if Virtual reality becomes cognitive and feed all our senses?
Does it make it the new reality?
And what if our imagination is our reality?
Welcome to a world where reality is full of ideas and ideas are beyond boundaries.